Mexico’s first full fledged Australianrestaurant!

We are proud to introduce Sundowner Seafood Grill and Bar the 1st Australian restaurant in all of Mexico. What makes an Australian restaurant Australian? Well we are a very young country and still developing our culinary identity. Prior to WW II we ate a predominantly British diet but with the influx of migrants from all over Europe following the war our eating habits were changed forever.

From here we never looked back, due to our proximity to South East Asia and Asia our chefs found more flavors to taste and learn from. Basically, we are culinary thieves borrowing and adapting from all the great cuisines of the world. One thing you can always be sure of is the freshest of produce and we really don’t like to over complicate our dishes




Plaza Paseo Coba

Ave. Aviación between  10th Ave. and Federal

Playa del Carmen, México


Happy hour

Tues - Sat 4-8pm